Biliyormuydunuz Gmail ve Hotmail dışında birçok mail servisi hizmeti veren siteler bulunuyor. Bir çok kişi gmail ve Hotmail servis sağlayıcısını kullanıyor ama bunların dışında aynı kapasite de e-posta servisleri bulunuyor.

Sizlere tam e-posta servisleri ve bu servileri kullanırken ihtiyaç duyucağınız ve program linkleri bulunuyor.

Email Servisleri – A free email provider that gives you 30GB of storage.

AIM Mail – From America Online comes this email address anyone can use and get the power of AOL behind you.

Aussie Mail – A free email service provider based out of Australia, but can be use from anywhere. – Not only is it an email provider, but you can recall/erase an email after it’s been sent, eliminating sender regret. 2GB to 20GB of storage depending on account type. – Heavy spam protection, even to the extent of only accepting email from "trusted" persons. – A no bells-and-whistles email service that is open to anyone.. – Just in cased you ever wanted an email address that sounds like you speak for a whole nation. – Another Canadian based free email providers. – A free email service with a heart as 5% of all revenues go directly to charities. – Washington D.C. centric free email service. – Powered by Outblaze, all the Anime fans out there can get themselves a Dragonball Z email address. – Supports bilingual English/Arabic interface and has the ability to collect email from external POP3 accounts. – Hard to get more memorable than that for an domain name!

Fastermail – Another free email service powered by Outblaze. – Anywhere from 10MB to 2GB of storage with your account depending on what level of membership you go. – 1GB of storage, support for 12 languages. – Free email service offering 100MB of storage and powered by Outblaze. – 100MB of online storage, bt you won’t it as they also give you free POP3 Acces. – Encrypted email and document storage. – Free accounts and up to 2GB of storage for premium accounts. – 5GB for online torage or 2GB if you want IMAP access.

India Times – Free email available in 11 Indian languages as well as English, a calendar and reminder service and much more. – 16MB of storage, free POP3/IMAP access for you to download your mail. – Offers email and integrates it with chat, Voice over IP, uploading and sharing files. – Another specialized email service powered by Outblaze. – Currently in alpha testing, but makes promises of a more flexible online email experience.

Lycos Mail – Up to 3GB of mail storage and no size limits for attachments. – Over 250 domain names to choose from and lots of the standard features you expect. – Unlimited storage and over 2,000 domain names to choose from are just a few of their services. – 40MB to start you off, upgradeable to as high as 10GB for premium accounts. – Provided by the University of Liverpool

MSN Hotmail – One of the, if not the, oldest free email providers. – Free version has 25MB of storage, premium has 1GB. – Believes in nothing but text ads to help your load times.

Opera Mail – In support of the Opera browser, has 3MB of stoage. – Another site for email powered by Outblaze. – Free UK Based email service with 1GB oo storage. – 25MB of storage with support of attachments up to 2MB. – Free accounts get 1GB of storage and attachments of 10MB,larger sizes available at a price. – 10GB of email storage, 1GB of file storage, ad-free and a lot more features. – 25MB of storage and 3.5MB attachment limits. – Only 3MB of storage, but their big selling point is heavy encryption for emails sent between members. – Giving you a taste of their UOrganize service for free. – Free storage has 15MB, and you canupgrade to larger accounts with more storage.

Yahoo Mail – Another of the oldest/biggest free email providers. – Email specially designed for use by kids with extra safeguards, games, and more.

Email Tools

<IMG style="BORDER-TOP-WIDTH: 0px; BORDER-LEFT-WIDTH: 0px; BORDER-BOTTOM-WIDTH: 0px; BORDER-RIGHT-WIDTH: 0px" height=246 alt=MyEmail src="; width=450 border=0> – Lets you view all your email and social network messages in one convenient location. Supports systems like Yahoo mail, Gmail, Hotmail, and more.

Grab Mail – Check multiple email services from one convenient login. – A web-based email retrieval service that allows you to check your company email from virtually any computer in the world. – Allows you to check virtually any POP3/IMAP email account from anywhere. – Let’s you check your POP3/IMAP email from any computer and has 100MB of storage. – Manage multiple email accounts from a web based email client. Can handle private domains as well as the likes of Yahoo and Gmail. – 25MB of storage for free and you get the nifty address of "".

Miscellaneous Email Servisleri – View scanned images of your snail mail, say which ones you want opened and scanned, have the originals destroyed, shredded or forwarded on to you. – Write yourself an email to be delivered on a dat of your choosing.

hoaxMail – Allows you to send anonymous fake emails and SMS text messages as pranks. – Write yourself an email to be delivered up to five years in the future. – Write a normal email, type the persons address in the subject line, send it in and they print and send your letter via snail mail for you for $.99. – Make an email look like it came from someone else, no malicious use allowed. – Type up your email, choose a font and style, send it, and they’ll handle the snail mail portion for you.

Spam Fighting & Temporary Email Providers – Just visit the site and a disposable address is auto-generated and saved to your clipboard for easy pasting. – For creating receive-only fake email addresses to help you fight spam. – Reusable aliases that you can get rid of at anytime you want. – Create as many disposable email addresses as you think you may need. – Create aliases as you please, have them forward to your normal address, figure out who is giving out your info. – Spam fighting email address that last only 15 minutes. – Set up a temporary email address for anywhere from 12 hours to 3 months to keep spam out of your normal inbox. – Don’t even have to sign up before creating an address, make any email address you like, use it where you fear spam, and check the inbox from their page. – Create a email address for 24 hours, and then never think of it again as it auto-deletes. – Throw away addresses for site registrations. – Create a disposable address for 30 minutes to 1 year that will forward registration info to your normal inbox. – A highly regared site for generating disposable addresses for you to use to keep your real email address safe. – Disposable email addresses to help in the non-stop war on spam. – A free, receive-only temporary email address for you to use. – With a bit of management, you can make this disposable email account virtually spam free.


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